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Utopia Planitia results featured in NASA press release; Planetary Society blog

NASA HQ caught wind of my Utopia results and published a press release here. My blog entry describing the study has been featured on the Planetary Society website, a leader in planetary science coverage, outreach, and advocacy. Happy to see … Continue reading

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Featured in WeMartians Podcast

Last week I was interviewed for the WeMartians podcast, and it’s published today! Check it out here. I talk about Utopia Planitia, ice, and SHARAD…. as usual.

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Widespread, Thick Water Ice found in Utopia Planitia, Mars

My paper on the discovery of a widespread (~375 000 sq km) subsurface water ice deposit in southwestern Utopia Planitia, Mars, was published in GRL a few weeks back. The detailed version is offered in the journal article, but I thought … Continue reading

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