Utopia Planitia results featured in NASA press release; Planetary Society blog

Screenshot 2016-11-22 13.33.46.png

NASA HQ caught wind of my Utopia results and published a press release here. My blog entry describing the study has been featured on the Planetary Society website, a leader in planetary science coverage, outreach, and advocacy. Happy to see this work reach a wider audience!

UPDATE: News spread across a collection of media sources. I was interviewed by Gizmodo, NY Times, CBC, Inverse, and others. Here’s a list of some articles my work was featured in.

Gizmodo — Enormous Water Ice Deposit Could Help Us Survive on Mars
Engadget — Mars hides a gigantic ice sheet that may help astronauts
Nature World News (Video) — Fast Facts on the Gigantic Ice Sheet Discovered on Mars
New York Times — An Ice Sheet the Size of New Mexico Hidden in Martian Crater
Space.com — Huge Underground Ice Deposit on Mars Is Bigger Than New Mexico
CBC — Ice deposit on Mars holds as much water as Lake Superior, researchers say
Yahoo News — Scientists just discovered a huge body of ice on Mars

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