About Me


cassie-awesomeI’m a geophysicist, planetary scientist, modeller, coding enthusiast, artist, and adventurer in endless pursuit of discovery and challenge. I’ve always been drawn to science, especially interdisciplinary fields. I have a tendency to chase ideas all the way down their rabbit holes and pick up a lot of tangential talents along the way.

I began my studies in physics, then materials science, then geophysics, and finally planetary science. I’ve worked on research projects ranging from high-pressure mineral physics work, magnetic studies of terrestrial impact craters, evapotranspiration of soil samples, radar studies of Mars, and modelling studies of glaciers. In the private sector I’ve worked as a scientific developer, creating processing algorithms for borehole imagery as well as participating in some processing and analysis. Overall I’ve netted a diverse skill set within the general themes of geophysics, computational work, and data wrangling. Outside of work I pursue many hobbies, including (but not limited to) dance, rock climbing, aerial performance arts, travel, bicycle repair, scientific outreach, and volunteering.

It’s been a lot, but in my myriad pursuits I’ve learned to learn very quickly. The common thread is an unwavering dedication to science, discovery, and personal growth. I’m currently a MSc. Candidate at the University of Texas at Austin. I received the Jackson School Fellowship to complete a 2-year program here and I’m set to graduate this spring.

I’ll be looking for work, internships, and PhD. programs that begin after July 1. The dream is to do something related to planetary mission operations, radar science, or scientific computing.